Holy Week and Easter Schedule 2024

Palm Sunday – March 24 – 9:00am

Holy Week begins. This service is a celebration of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The somberness of the Passion, which is the focus of Holy Week, is framed by the joy of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem and by the greater joy of Easter.  Young people meet in the Fellowship Hall at 8:50 for the Palm Procession.

Maundy Thursday – March 28 – 7:30pm (please note later start time)

The Maundy Thursday liturgy is one of endings and beginnings…what begins this night does not end until the resurrection. From scripture a new command is given: “Love one another.” From this new command (mandatum) comes the name for this night: Maundy Thursday.  The sanctuary is stripped bare of its extra decorations, and all depart in silence without benediction.

Good Friday – March 29 – 7:30pm (please note later start time)

The Good Friday liturgy begins as it ended on Maundy Thursday: the chancel is bare and the cross becomes prominent. The words of meditation are Mark’s Passion narrative and the ancient “Solemn Reproaches.” God directs his reproach (scolding) at us, his people, who have crucified his Son by our sin (Micah 6:3-5 & Psalm 78).  God will have the final word, but we must wait.

Easter Sunrise Worship – March 31 7:00am

The Vigil of Easter begins with little changed from Friday night. The church is bare and also dark. The first task is to break the darkness with the light of Christ burning atop the large white Paschal candle. This light is a constant reminder of the Easter victory at all Easter services, at every baptism, and at every funeral. We reflect on God’s salvation history throughout scripture. Quickly the table is set, and the room is made ready for our celebration.

Easter Breakfast – 8:00am  – Breakfast is sponsored by those attending the ‘24 ELCA Youth Gathering. Please support these youth with your free-will offering.

Sunday School – 9:00am (ending at 9:45)

The Resurrection of Our Lord – Easter Day 10:00am

The celebration continues! All the festive flare we can gather is included in the climax of our Easter festival. This is anything but a routine day! ALLELUIA RETURNS

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