Youth and Kids

St. Martin’s Youth Groups:

Youth Ministries – 6th – 12th grade meet Sunday nights from 6:00pm – 7:30pm in The Lodge (far end of the parking lot).


Teenagers’ relationships exist in a chaotic, fast-paced world where cultural shifts redefine how we interact and do life together. God has given your teenagers a variety of relationships to exchange and extend his care, love, and transformational grace with people closest to them. Yet those relationships can become merely a way to compartmentalize life.

In Septembers series, teenagers will engage in conversations about what it means to fully experience and share Jesus’ love through their friends and family. We’ll look to Jesus and how he related to the most important people in his life. Jesus offers life-giving relationships to your students, and his desire is that through those they see, experience, and love him like never before.


Welcome Place Kids – Kindergarten – 5th grade meet Wednesday nights from 6:00pm – 7:30pm.


In September, we’ll be talking about how God created us for relationships. From the very beginning of the Bible, we see how important it is to have wise people in our life who help us understand how to honor God with our actions. When God sent Jesus, we were able to see the best example of friendship ever. Jesus showed us how much He loves us as He laid down His life for His friends. With His words and actions, Jesus showed friendship to everyone He met. We can reflect Jesus’ love best when we take time to care for our friends.

True friendship is about using our words and actions to show others we care. Each day, we can choose to live in harmony . . . because together is better!


Youth Coordinator – Jake Keil

ECLA Youth Gathering – 2018

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